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From peer-reviewed journal articles to real stories about people with CF who have done amazing things with exercise, we have all the resources you need to find out more about CF and exercise.

Exercise stories

Read real stories from around the world of exercise and cystic fibrosis.

"I did it for her"

Teenager with CF summits Kilimanjaro in memory of his twin sister.

Vaulting to victory

Jerry Cahill beat the odds and reached his 60th birthday thanks to his passion for pole vaulting 

Singing for CF

Twelve-year old with CF claims singing has helped increase her lung function.

Breathless choir

Philips bring together people with severe breathing problems to form an amazing choir.

Cheerleading success

Cheerleader with CF wins competition despite requiring oxygen during training.

Cover star

Ben Mudge, who has CF, stars on cover of Men's Health and assistant directs Game of Thrones.

Get set to go

Mental health charity shout about the value of exercise for health and wellbeing.

A breath of fresh air

Zack increased his lung function by almost 20% through exercise.

Swimming to success

Jamina started swimming when she was five and hasn't stopped since.

Wheels in motion 

Matt raised £3,000 for the Trust in the London to Paris bike ride. 

"The toughest race in the world"

Jason became the first person with CF to complete the ABSA Cape Epic.

Dancer of the Year

Adam has been dancing all his life - even a double lung transplant in 2013 couldn't stop him!

Big ambitions

Mikayla has dreams of dancing on Broadway. Find out more about her inspirational story!

"Listen to your body"

Evan beat the odds and became a sports therapist.

Moments of Grace

Grace has CF and cerebral palsy and has been dancing since she was three years old.

CyFi Life

For more fitness inspiration, check out Martin Cameron's page CyFi Life for interview with people with CF who are interested in elite sport and nutrition.


Stay up-to-date with the latest journals addressing cystic fibrosis and activity.   


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